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Since 1997, the design, installation, and sales  contractor to call, Amber Video & Audio Services Inc. can help you get what you want.  With 36 years of experience from the President of the company, we have  an answer to make sure that any project from a football field to a board room is handled by a professional contractor. We offer specilzed services in a number of fields such as Broadcast Engineeering Services, Weather Observation Camera Installations, Weather Instruments, RF Distribution, WiFi Installations, Cell Phone Boosters,  Signage in buildings, Television Antennas, and more!

If you want to see some examples of our recent projects take a look at our Photos page, or call us for a FREE estimate on your project.

Amber Video & Audio Services Inc. is bringing better cellular service to rural and low service areas with their cellular boosters. See what other specialized services we offer. We are very diverse with a wide variety of different types of services.

When you need help to solve your audio or video needs, Amber Video & Audio Services Inc. is here with answers. You can learn more about what we do by going to our Audio and Video service pages.

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